France v England LIVE: Stuart Barrow's side face first match of 2024 (2024)


  • Full-time: France 0-42 England in Toulouse

  • Wigan wing Anna Davies scores opening try inside five minutes on debut

  • Amy Hardcastle, debutant Georgie Hetherington and Zoe Harris add further tries as England lead 20-0 at half-time

  • Paige Travis extends lead after the break with a fifth try, before Davies scores again just past the hour mark and Eboni Partington adds a seventh

  • Emily Rudge goes over after fine pass from teenage debutant Isabel Rowe, who also adds six conversions

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Live Reporting

Emma Smith

  1. Goodbye!published at 16:31 29 June

    16:31 29 June

    FT: France 0-42 England

    But only for now...

    This match was only part one of today's rugby league double-header - part two, with France's men taking on England, can be found here.

    See you over there.

  2. REPORT: England score eight tries in win over Francepublished at 16:27 29 June

    16:27 29 June

    FT: France 0-42 England

    Phil Cartwright
    BBC Sport

    England proved far too strong for France in Toulouse, scoring eight tries in a dominant 42-0 victory.

    Wigan winger Anna Davies crossed either side of half-time, while fellow international debutant Georgie Hetherington touched down in the first half.

    Amy Hardcastle, Zoe Harris, Paige Travis, Eboni Partington and Emily Rudge were England's other try-scorers as they continued their undefeated record against France in women's internationals.

    Teenager Isabel Rowe, another player handed her debut, converted five of England's eight scores.

    You can read more of Phil's report on the BBC Sport website shortly.

  3. 'Job done for England'published at 16:25 29 June

    16:25 29 June

    Paul Cooke
    Former England international on SuperLeague+

    Job done for England. Lots to improve on forboth teams. England were a bit scrappy towards the end of the first half.France just lacked that bit of quality and cutting edge to hurt England.

  4. Postpublished at 16:23 29 June

    16:23 29 June

    FT: France 0-42 England

    Amy Hardcastle was named player of the match. She was an absolute wrecking ball, especially in the first half - France had no answer.

    There were a few English contenders for that prize, with Izzy Rowe and Anna Davies particularly good on their international debuts.

  5. Postpublished at 16:20 29 June

    16:20 29 June

    FT: France 0-42 England

    France cut down the number of points they conceded against England in their last meeting by one-third.

    A decent result for an improving nation, who this week secured qualification for the 2026 World Cup.

  6. Full timepublished at 16:18 29 June

    16:18 29 June

    France 0-42 England


    Just the eight tries for England today. A good day's work.

  7. Postpublished at 79 mins

    79 mins

    France 0-42 England

    Final minute now.

    Can England add another score?

  8. Postpublished at 78 mins

    78 mins

    France 0-42 England

    England are in the mood for a ninth try.

    Emily Rudge is tackled, and angrily tells the referee that there was an illegal rip from the French player.

    The ref isn't interested.

  9. Postpublished at 76 mins

    76 mins

    France 0-42 England

    Ooooh, biggest tackle of the day goes to Anna Davies who absolutely flattens Manon Samarra as the French full back tries to spark another attack.

    Samarra needs a fair bit of treatment, but is sitting up. Good to see.

  10. Postpublished at 75 mins

    75 mins

    France 0-42 England

    Into the final five minutes of a match which has proved as one-sided as we expected.

    France continue to doughtily come forwards, but Anna Davies catches their kick with good skill. Another French attack safely repelled.

  11. Postpublished at 73 mins

    73 mins

    France 0-42 England

    Well, I said England would struggle to get near the 64 points they scored last time against France.

    Perhaps Stuart Barrow is reading this live text and gave his team a gee up.

    Hello Stuart, if you see this.

  12. CONVERTED TRY - France 0-42 Englandpublished at 16:05 29 June

    16:05 29 June

    Emily Rudge (71 mins)

    France v England LIVE: Stuart Barrow's side face first match of 2024 (1)Image source, SWPix

    Izzy Rowe, superb again.

    This time is is with her hands, a supreme quick pass opens the gap for Emily Rudge to run through the France line and between the posts.

    Rowe adds another two points. She has converted five of eight tries today.

  13. Postpublished at 70 mins

    70 mins

    France 0-36 England

    France v England LIVE: Stuart Barrow's side face first match of 2024 (2)Image source, SWPix

    Isabel Rowe, after a nervy start, is looking completely at home now in this England team. A well-measured kick leaves France having to build from their own line again.

    What a talent she is at just 17 years old.

  14. Postpublished at 69 mins

    69 mins

    France 0-36 England

    This is a promising France attack. Manon Samarra charges the line from full back.

    The final phase, France go for the chip kick... it does not come off. England collect the ball and France remain on nil.

  15. Postpublished at 68 mins

    68 mins

    France 0-36 England

    Ten quickfire points have made the scoreboard look a lot healthier from an England perspective. This is much more like the margin of victory they would have wanted.

    France just need to get their heads down and ensure this match does not completely run away from them.

  16. Postpublished at 66 mins

    66 mins

    France 0-36 England

    The three starting debutants for England today - Isabel Rowe, Georgie Hetherington and Anna Davies - have all made a fine impression.

    Katie Mottershead and Bella Sykes have done well as interchanges too.

  17. TRY - France 0-36 Englandpublished at 15:58 29 June

    15:58 29 June

    Eboni Partington (63 mins)

    France v England LIVE: Stuart Barrow's side face first match of 2024 (3)Image source, SWPix

    Back to back!

    Bella Sykes is the star this time with a strong carry, setting up Eboni Partington to run in the final few metres as England score a rare try down the left wing.

    It's difficult to kick from the left touch line for a left footer, and though Izzy Rowe gives it a great go she just puts it wide.

  18. CONVERTED TRY - France 0-32 Englandpublished at 15:55 29 June

    15:55 29 June

    Anna Davies (61 mins)

    France v England LIVE: Stuart Barrow's side face first match of 2024 (4)Image source, SWPix

    The score they wanted.

    Once again England get it through the hands out to the right wing, where Anna Davies only needs half a yard to power through to score in the corner.

    Isabel Rowe has really found her radar with these conversions now, she scores right from the touchline. Four from six today for the 17-year-old.

  19. Postpublished at 59 mins

    59 mins

    France 0-26 England

    England have only scored one try since the break. They would like ideally to add a few more in the remaining 22 minutes or so.

    Eboni Partington tries to break the line but is stopped.

  20. Postpublished at 57 mins

    57 mins

    France 0-26 England

    Emily Rudge breaks the French line, goes down in the goal area - but knocks on!

    Replays show it was an excellent tackle by Perle Ramazeilles to save four points for her side.

France v England LIVE: Stuart Barrow's side face first match of 2024 (2024)


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