MidFirst Bank introduces Online Banking Services for UCO Students with 24/7 Account Access (2024)

MidFirst Bank's Personal Online Bankingplatform offers several options that allow you to bank from anywhere at your convenience — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. From viewing your account transaction activity to paying bills, MidFirst Bank offers a full range of online banking functionality.

Personal Online Banking

Bill Pay


Account Alerts

Personal Online Banking

With MidFirst Bank's Personal Online Banking, you can manage your accounts online with secure technology and a variety of services available.


  • Free service if you are a MidFirst Bank account holder
  • View detailed real-time account information
  • Search your transaction history
  • View and print eStatements, including check images
  • Send secure emails to MidFirst Bank
  • Initiate stop payments on paper checks
  • Make transfers between your MidFirst accounts and accounts at outside financial institutions
  • Receive email or text messages regarding the status of your accounts
  • Download account information into Quicken®

View an online demo of Personal Online Banking

Monthly Fees

Free service if you are a MidFirst Bank account holder

Online and Mobile Banking Customer Agreement

Bill Pay

Paying bills is simple and convenient with Bill Pay. When you are enrolled in Personal Online Banking, upgrading to Bill Pay is fast and you will enjoy MidFirst Bank's Bill Pay guarantee.*


  • MidFirst Bank guarantees your online bill payments will be on time, or we will cover any late fees associated with any bill paid using Bill Pay*
  • Pay bills from more than one account
  • Receive eBills, an online version of your bills*
  • Custom reporting available
  • Quick and easy payee setup
  • Alert notifications for your scheduled and processed bill payments
  • Payment reminders to help you avoid late fees
  • Expedited Payments*

Monthly Fees

As a Broncho Checking customer, there are no monthly or per item charges for using Bill Pay, and the number of bills you pay with Bill Pay is unlimited.

Bill Pay Guarantee

Electronic payments are guaranteed to be received within three business days, and paper check payments are guaranteed to be received within six business days, or MidFirst Bank will refund any late fees associated with your online bill payment.*


As part of your Bill Pay service, you can receive online versions of some bills. When you sign up for eBills*, you can:

  • Receive and pay eBills from hundreds of local and national companies such as your phone company, TV, credit cards, or more
  • Get convenient online access to your bills, so you do not have to keep track of paper bills
  • Receive email alerts when eBills are received, before they are due, and when your payments are sent

Enrollment Instructions

Enrolling in Bill Pay is fast and easy. Log in to online banking and choose the "Pay and Transfer" button from the top navigation bar. As a new Bill Pay customer, the Bill Pay enrollment instructions will be displayed. Follow the instructions to enroll and receive immediate access to Bill Pay.

Bill Pay Agreement

*Bill Pay Guarantee: Late payment refunds limited to $50. To qualify, you must have submitted payment to the correct address, with the correct account number referenced with the payment request; we must have received your payment request in time to fulfill the above guaranteed time frames; you must have sufficient funds in your bill payment account at the time the payment is scheduled; and we must receive a written request from you for reimbursem*nt of the late payment fee within 30 calendar days of the scheduled payment date (including a copy of the biller's invoice showing the late payment charge). Bill payments limited to U.S. domestic bill payment addresses from commercial billers. Refund requests, along with supporting documentation, should be faxed to 405.840.0862 or mailed to: Personal Online Banking Support, MidFirst Bank, 999 NW Grand Blvd., Suite 600, Oklahoma City, OK 73118-9941. Expedited Payments: Expedited ACH payments are only offered for those active payees that accept this type of payment. Overnight check payments can only be sent to a valid street address in the continental United States. Overnight checks cannot be delivered to APO, FPO or P.O. Boxes. Expedited payment fees apply. eBills: If the payee offers eBills, an eBill link will appear below the biller's information.

eStatements & eNotices

eStatements® and eNotices allow you to receive your statements and notices electronically through Personal Online Banking. Enrollment is simple and will only take you a few minutes.


  • Receive your statement and check images quicker
  • Access your statement anytime
  • Download and print at your convenience for up to 48 months
  • Reduce paper usage
  • Allows for more timely account reconciliation
  • Eliminate the need to store paper statement copies
  • Reduce the risk of mail fraud and identity theft

Account Alerts

Sign up for Personal Online BankingAccount Alerts to customize your online banking and account communications, including balance and transaction alerts.


  • Reduce the risk of fraud
  • Know when funds are available with check and deposit processing alerts
  • Receive balance alerts when your account falls below or rises above an amount you specify
  • Respond quicker to account events
  • Get alerts for successful or unsuccessful transfers
  • Receive information about your accounts
  • Reduce the need to frequently check your account transactions
MidFirst Bank introduces Online Banking Services for UCO Students with 24/7 Account Access (2024)


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