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Located at 48 York St, Belfast, BT15 1AS, The Edge Belfast is a modern and sought-after student accommodation offering a variety of living spaces to cater to different needs. Students can choose from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Corner, Platinum, Accessible, and Platinum Plus Studios, each designed to provide comfortable and stylish living. This student accommodation in Belfast is strategically positioned near several academic institutions, including Queens University Belfast, Ulster University Belfast Campus, and Belfast Metropolitan College, to name a few, making The Edge student accommodation a convenient choice for students.

Belfast was compared against Dublin, London, Toronto, New York, Sydney, and Hong Kong, among six other international cities, using Numbeo's Mid-Year Cost of Living and Quality of Life indices. Belfast came out on top as the city with the best quality of life, the cheapest rent, and the lowest cost of living. Belfast is the second-largest city on the island of Ireland and one of the UK's largest metropolises. The city is home to two renowned universities that offer undergraduate and graduate studies. Ulster University and Queens University are both situated in Belfast. Nearly 25,231 undergraduate and graduate students are enrolled in these two universities, which is expected to rise yearly. You will also find on-campus accommodations, which universities in Belfast typically manage. They offer convenience and a close-knit community for international students. Belfast is also a popular choice among students due to its proximity to everything. Belfast's vibrant environment, which is enriched with culture, history, and innovation, is ideal for students. The city offers a wide variety of services geared towards students, such as inexpensive lodging, a wide selection of restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife. If you wish to study in Belfast, check out our Student City Guide Belfast, which will help you conveniently navigate living in the city. Overall, The Edge Belfast is an ideal choice for students who wish to pursue their higher education in Belfast.

1. The property offers a 7 Days Cooling Off Period wherein you can cancel your booking & your deposit will be refunded to you.

2. If you cancel your booking after the 7 day Cooling Off Period, you will remain liable for the weekly rent (for each and every week or part week) until the property is able to re-let the room. If they are able to re-let the room they will release you from the agreement upon payment of a £250 release fee which they will recover by retaining your deposit (which will not, therefore, be returned). If you have paid a lower deposit amount, that’s the amount that will be retained.

If the Student’s place at the University is withdrawn as a result of the Student’s visa being denied they may be eligible to be released from this booking provided the tenant supplies the property team with the following evidence:

  1. A copy of the letter from the Home Office, UK Visas and Immigration service or other official Visa issuing body as well as a letter from the university, sponsor or institution where they were supposed to be studying. It must clearly show the student’s full name, address and date of issue.

The tenant must send the documents to the property team via email within 7 days from the date the relevant Visa rejection correspondence is received.

If the tenant is a prospective first year undergraduate student and the student’s offer of a place at the University is withdrawn by the University as a result of the student not having achieved the required entry grades, the tenant may be eligible to be released from the agreement provided the tenant supplies the property with the following evidence:

  1. Evidence can be a written rejection letter from the University/College/UCAS, or a screenshot of the customer’s UCAS status along with the results etc.

These document(s) must be received by the property via email within 3 days from the date your results are published.

1. Once your cooling off period expires, you lose the right to cancel your tenancy. You are liable for the full rent unless a suitable replacement is found to take over your tenancy agreement.

2. Only when a suitable replacement has been found and they have completed their tenancy and paid any rent due, will you be released from your tenancy agreement, and the property will refund your deposit.

Note: There is a £50 variation of contract fee which the property team will recover by retaining part or all of your deposit.

1. When you accept your room offer, you’ll be asked to pay a deposit to secure your room. The deposit will depend on the room type you select. The deposit might change due to availability, please get in touch with your amber agent to know more.

2. Your deposit is secured with a deposit protection service and refunded at the end of your tenancy less any deductions and pending charges.

1. Online via by logging into your student account

2. At the property reception desk

3. By telephone to the property team

4. By bank transfer (please ensure you use your name and student ID as the payment reference).

International bank transfers may incur a charge from your own bank, so please make sure you account for this amount. You may also make payment by bank transfer. Please contact your property team directly.

Please note: The property does not take cash payments.

1. If you have a valid UK Guarantor, you can choose to pay your rent in 3 instalments due in September, January and April.

2. If you don’t have a valid UK Guarantor, you are required to pay the full rent in August 2024, 14 days prior to your contract start date.

3. Please note you must have paid the rent due by the time you arrive to check in.

1. The property requires you to have a valid UK Guarantor if you wish to pay in instalments.

2. If you are unable to provide your own UK Guarantor, the property recommends the service of Housing Hand.

3. International Guarantors are not accepted by the property.

Situated in the vibrant city of Belfast, The Edge student accommodation offers a range of modern room amenities designed to cater to the needs of today's students. Each studio is furnished with a comfortable bed, a functional desk, and a chair for productive studying, along with ample storage space to keep belongings organised. The fully equipped contemporary kitchen provides residents with the convenience of preparing meals at their leisure. Beyond individual rooms, The Edge Belfast provides an array of common amenities aimed at fostering community and well-being. Students can unwind and socialise in the games area or utilise the meeting room for group study sessions. Fitness enthusiasts can take advantage of the yoga/pilates studio, fitness studio, and gym facilities to stay active and healthy. For those who prefer cycling, bike storage is available onsite. Residents can also enjoy movie nights in the cinema or relax in the garden area. Additionally, The Edge offers a dedicated study area, ensuring students have a quiet space to focus on their academics. With its diverse range of amenities, The Edge student accommodation Belfast provides a dynamic and enriching living experience for students in Ireland.

Located at the heart of vibrant Belfast, The Edge student accommodation offers a prime venue for students to make the most of their university life. For the student community, prestigious educational institutions such as the Irish School of Ecumenics, American Musical Theatre Academy, and the Agri-food and Biosciences Institute are all a short distance away, providing convenience and ease for academic pursuits.

Just outside the door, students can immerse themselves in a mix of local flavours and cuisines with restaurants like the iconic Deanes at Queen's, the contemporary Stix & Stones, and the delightful Café Vaudeville. For a quick coffee or a relaxed afternoon, cafes such as Established Coffee and Town Square are perfect for a caffeine fix or a snack break. When it comes to nightlife, no one does it better than the famous The Dirty Onion, Lavery's Bar Belfast, and The Perch Rooftop Bar, ensuring a memorable evening is just a walk away. Craving for a quick grocery run? No worries, as several grocery stores, including Tesco Express, are in the vicinity. And for health and wellness, the Royal Victoria Hospital is easily accessible for any medical needs. Students seeking a breath of fresh air or a spot of fitness can take refuge in the serene Botanic Gardens or enjoy the waterfront scenery at Victoria Park.

Tourism is a breeze from The Edge Belfast student accommodation, with places like the historical Belfast Castle, the educational Titanic Belfast, and the fascinating Ulster Museum offering a slice of the city's rich heritage. Managed by Prestige Student Living, The Edge Belfast embodies a lifestyle that is not just about luxurious living but being in the midst of a city that pulsates with life. With everything from essentials to entertainment on your doorstep, it's clear that making The Edge student accommodation your home is more than a premium choice; it's your ticket to experiencing lavish student life.

The convenience of the location of The Edge Belfast extends to the ease of getting around the city. Free yourself from long commutes with several bus stops right around the corner, like Little Patrick Street and Dunbar Link, ensuring you are well-connected to all parts of Belfast. If trains are more your speed, you'll find the nearby Yorkgate Train Station to be a hub for rail transport, connecting you to local and regional destinations. Should you prefer a more independent mode of travel, ample cycle lanes are at your disposal. With everything so accessible, The Edge Belfast student accommodation assures that your daily commute is the least of your worries, leaving you more time to focus on your studies and enjoy student life.

  • This holding fee of £50 prioritises & fast-tracks your application with our partners.

  • The £50 holding fee is fully refundable within 6 days of payment. Full refund is applicable whether your booking is finalized with Amber or even if we're unable to find a suitable match for you

Private room at York Street, Belfast | Erasmus Play (2024)


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