Relapse - Chapter 9 - Star14 - Johnnie Guilbert/Jake Webber (2024)

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Chapter 8: *TW: SEX, (it won’t be full on anal sex, but sucking off and jerking off)*

Third pov:

“Johnnie are you fine?” Jake asks the boy not getting an answer. Johnnie seems bothered by something? He’s still looking blankly at the screen in front of him. He fiddles with the phone in his hand as he looks up at Jake for a few seconds. What is wrong? Jake wonders. Jake sits down beside him and brings their hands together, Johnnie flinches immediately and takes it away from Jake. Johnnie seems nervous and anxious, as he normally doesn’t react this way when Jake tries to hold his hand or being a bit touchy.

As Jake gets more and more concerned what’s going on he says “Johnnie you can tell me”. “Um… you- you said last night- when you were sleeping that…” he stops. “What, what did I say Johnnie??” He asks the emo boy as his eyebrows knit together in a confused expression. “You said I was… hot” hot?! The brown haired guy thinks to himself. Though it was indeed true, he really did think that, he had never said it out loud before now. He did joke about it in videos but he never meant it in that way, did he?

“Oh.. did I say anything else?” Jake asks out of curiosity and embarrassment. Jake feels himself blush at his own words, did I really say that? Jake asks himself.

“You said I was pretty and you loved the way I put on my.. uh.. makeup.” Oh my… he thinks, it’s not like he doesn’t think that but he has never brought himself to say it out loud. It feels very morally wrong but he really wants to kiss him right now. f*ck, what is he thinking. He just broke up with Tara. This is so so f*cking wrong he thinks as he cup Johnnies face in his hand.

“Jake” Johnnie says but Jake’s not stopping. He pulls his face closer to his own as they are currently cm from each other. “Jake” he repeats “are you sure about this?” He says knowing it’s so wrong to do this. “Yes, yes I am.” Jake says confidently knowing damn well he is so nervous and that it feels as his heart is pounding out of his chest. He makes his way even closer to his lips as they meet Jake’s. The kiss feels so warm and welcoming in a sort of way. (What the f*ck am I doing with my life)

I’m kissing my own damn best friend Johnnie thinks. They pull off catching their breath. He looks so good as he stares at me Jake thinks to himself as the emo stares at him. Jake’s heart is pounding in his chest as their lips join again. He pushes his tongue in and the innocent kiss turns into a heated make out. Their tongue’s fighting for dominance. Johnnie grabs Jake’s neck and pulls him even closer, making so there’s no air between the two of them. Jake moves his hands from his face to his dead hair and carefully tuck on it. f*ck, his mouth feels so good against mine they both think.

Johnnie lays down on his back and Jake goes on top of him continuing the heated kissing. Grinding against each other as the older boy whimpers. Jake feels his erection getting rock hard. Jake brings a hand down to Johnnie’s pants and begin palming him through his black skinny jeans, earning a loud moan from the boy under him. So vulnerable and open for him.

“f*ck Jake” he says. Jake immediately takes his hand off Johnnies dick wondering if he’s okay. “Don’t stop, please, I need you” he says in a seductive but needy way. sh*t, the way he said that turns Jake on so much. Jake helps Johnnie drag his t-shirt of him as Jake kissing his neck. The small pecks soon turn into more animal like biting and sucking, leaving hickeys all over him. Jake trail his tongue down to his nipples and suck on it and pinching the other one with his hand. This motion making him silently moan at the sensation.

“I need more, please Jake” he begs, what an impatient bitch jake thinks to himself but still fulfilling his wish. Jake moves his way down to his crotch. He begins to unbuckle his belt and drag his pants off as well as his socks (idk why but I want the socks off during sex). Jake starts to lick the thin fabric of his boxers before pulling them completely off. Kissing and cat licking the tip of his co*ck and kiss the shaft.

He breaths heavily as Jake continues to kiss around his rock hard dick. “Jake, stop teasing me” he says in a bit more of a serious tone than before. Wishing to please him Jake begins sucking on the head before taking him halfway before he is gaging. Jake brings a hand to the lower part of his dick and begin jerking the part that isn’t covered by his own mouth.

He slips out the most lewd and gracious moans known to man. The emo grips Jakes hair so hard it feels like he is gonna rip it off and forces jakes head down on him. His moans get louder as Jake moves his hand from his dick snd slip it down my pants and boxers and begin to jerk myself himself off at the sight. f*ck, he is so god damn beautiful Jake thinks as he beging bobbing my head faster and jerking off harder. His moaning getting louder and slu*ttier by the second. Johnnie pulls his head all the way down on him as he whimpers.

Jake feels his throat hurting but it doesn’t matter because he is in so much pleasure and Jake love watching him. Jake can tell he’s on the verge to coming and so is he am too. He sucks him as hard as he possible can before he comes down the punks throat. He feels myself org*sm only mere seconds later. Jerking him off through his high while we’re both seeing stars.

“sh*t, that was so good” Jake says panting (what the f*ck have I done….). He hums in agreement before they get cleaned and dressed again.

(Sorry that the smut was so f*cking bad, I’ve never written something like this before but I felt the need to since 50% of you guys probably are here only for the sex… so I gave it to you guys I guess)


Jakes pov:

We’re both lying in my bed, I can’t believe we did that. I sucked off my own best friend, I sucked of Johnnie. What have I done, I just broke up with Tara and before i know it I’m doing sexual stuff with my best friend? And what the hell will I tell our fans if we actually get together? And Tara, she’ll be absolutely pissed. She obviously broke up with me but that doesn’t give me any right to just date someone only days after our breakup.

Johnnie fell asleep about ten minutes ago, he is so f*cking pretty as he lays on his back beside me. I can already tell it’s gonna be a lot of tension and awkwardness between us when he wakes up. I lay beside him faced toward his face and kiss his forehead before I put a blanket on top of the smaller boy.

It’s the middle of the day and I decide to go and buy some food at Walmart. I get in my car and feel the burning hot sun as I drive while listening to this cool punk band called Hayeminol. Everything feels so perfect and soothing, that’s what I think before I’m greeted with Tara standing right outside of the store. She glances at me and.. smiles? Why would she smile? I ask myself.

I park the car as I watch her approach me. She looks at me with a loving expression on her face as I make my way out of the vehicle. “Jake” she starts, “I regret my decision, I wanna to get back together.” What… if she asked me yesterday I would probably say yes but… I don’t think I want to anymore.

“I’m sorry Tara, I don’t want to.” I tell her trying to sound as empathetic as I can, though I don’t feel sorry for here at all. In the end she was the one who broke up, not me. She should have thought through her decisions before telling me, she could have at least given it some thought! “What f*ck Jake?! You should be wanting me to be your girlfriend!?!” She screams at me, I only feel embarrassed for her screaming in the parking lot. She continues to babble about how she made a mistake and that I should just date her again.

I want to agree with her but I know damn well I’m not getting back together with her after what happened with Johnnie. “I’m sorry Tara, I don’t think I can” i tell her. “What, why? You said you still loved me when I broke up. Is- is it someone else…?” She asks. I couldn’t possibly tell her that I gave my own best friend a blow j*b and that I might possibly have done the gayest thing ever in my life. As well as falling for him.

“Could we discuss this elsewhere?” I ask since there are quite some people staring, she nods and we walk back to my car. When we’re both in the car she looks at me with this expression that I can’t seem to explain. “In answer to your question; yes, there is someone else.” I say as her face turns into this weird and shocked expression.

I didn’t mean to be this bold but it’s better to be a 100% real than sugar coating the truth. For some reason I feel a bit relieved to have finally told her.

“Who.. who is it?”. Oh- I forgot I had to actually tell her who, or I didn’t forget I just wanted to avoid it. How would I even tell her that my best friend of over three years (let’s act like they have been friends for three years) is the guy I’ve been in love with for the past four months without even realizing it? The guy I just suck off. What the hell have I done…

I look up at her as I say the following words; “Johnnie… Johnnie Guilbert.”. sh*t, I told her. She looks confused but mad, I guess she has right to be mad, I was falling in love with my best friend less than two days after she broke up with me. She looked offended by my behavior but I really don’t bother. It’s my life and I chose what it’s gonna be like.

“Oh..” she spoke. She looked surprised, like she couldn’t seem to get angry but really she was absolutely pissed.


Tara had already left as I got inside the store and got myself a lunchable as well as one for Johnnie who probably hasn’t eaten anything because of the lack of food in his house. He really does need some serious help I think as I get back in my car.

When I get home Johnnie has already woken up from his nap and is currently in his room, he seems to be streaming so don’t bother him. But then I remember that I brought food for him. “Johnnie?” I say as I knock on his door, “may i come in?” I ask. “Yeah, go ahead” he answers from inside. I open the door and as I thought; he was sitting there streaming. “I brought you some food” I say as I’m feeling a bit awkward as I’m reminded of the past actions we did less than an hour ago.

“Oh… thank you” he looks a bit… scared? For what? I ask myself. “Johnnie, are you okay?” No answer, he stares at the food I brought him before he looks up at me and smiles. “Want to eat together?” I ask him. “No!” He clears his throat “no thank you” he corrects. He seems a bit off I think as I leave his room and close the door behind me.

I sit down in the sofa and turn on the tv as I eat the food. Johnnie seemed a bit weird today but I don’t really care, he has had his episodes where he doesn’t eat but it always seems to get better after some days. I mean, he can’t just not eat? I mean, he could but I don’t think he will? Or will he? f*ck, I need to stop being so negative and cross the bridge when we come to it. (I found that on some random forum so it might be wrong asf but I so bad at English lol)

Relapse - Chapter 9 - Star14 - Johnnie Guilbert/Jake Webber (2024)


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